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   booklet with practical exercices included
   by Rob Nairn

Format: VHS 100 minutes full colour
Footage from a course of two lectures presented at the Centre for the Book, Cape Town, 2000.
Interwoven with an interview by Gorry Bowes Taylor.
Price: R130.00
ISBN: 0-958-4166-5-6
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‘We embark upon a mystery—meditation’s process takes us beyond our human boundaries.’ Learning to meditate sets in motion a process beyond the comprehension of the rational linear mind, and will reveal depths and potentials of ourselves as human beings. In the great schools of Buddhism meditation is taught in a sequential way, known as the ‘graduated path to enlightenment’. The first stage is training in mindfulness.
With his eloquent precision Rob Nairn guides us to understand the psychological dynamics of the mind, how to recognise, unravel and grow beyond our habitual patterning and reference points, growing into freedom. Happiness arises within us through this process.


What does it mean to be a human being? This is the crucial question of our lives and meditation is a basic component of the lifelong search for an answer. Rob Nairn invites us to embark on this exciting adventure in a meaningful and enriching way.
—PROF JOHAN DEGENAAR, philosopher, Stellenbosch

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